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Inspiration: Member Success Stories

January 2013

John Seward

John says he’s addicted to Welcyon. And if you look at him, you’d believe it. He joined the Bloomington club a few years back and has gained incredible muscle mass. “I love to go to the doctor’s office and kind of amaze them,” John says with a smile.


It’s hard to imagine that in 2010 John underwent a quadruple heart bypass and a kidney transplant. He also has diabetes. “I realized that I am very mortal. I keep exercising because a lot of people are banking on me. When your daughter gives you a kidney, you owe her and you take care of it the best you can.”


John also keeps up his regular exercise routine because he wants to live life on his terms. “I’m not ready for the fireplace and checkers,” he says. “This aging stuff is all in your head. If you sit around and do nothing, you’re going to age quickly. If you get up and doing something, it will definitely help you.”


What We Can Learn from Bob

January 2013

The latest Bobism: "Going to Welcyon is like going to the bank. It's an investment for now and for the future."


Fitness Coach Bob Nyberg is known for his wise words, but this message is especially important because it's based on experience. In October, Bob underwent total hip replacement surgery on his left side. To prepare, he continued his regular strength and cardio exercise routine at Welcyon. He remembers walking into his pre-op meeting and encountering other patients who didn't exercise. "I saw some people and I thought, 'How are they going to do this? They really haven't prepared.'"


Bob is the first to admit that it was a challenging surgery and says it's been a process. At the same time, he credits regular workouts at Welcyon for speeding up and easing his recovery. "It's like I always say, 'Exercise doesn't lie. If you put in the time, you'll see the benefits.'"


It won't be long before Bob ditches his cane and steps back onto the standing elliptical. He's already trading barbs with members and kidding around as usual. Some might even call him a wise guy. And when you consider all of his sage advice, it's easy to agree.


How's Your Physical Bank Account?

January 2013

Bob really is a wise guy! Despite a painful, arthritic hip, Bob knew the importance of exercising. Just as we accumulate extra money for that rainy day, we need to make regular deposits in our 'physical bank account' so we're prepared when we we're faced with illness, surgery, and other negative health events. And, not surprisingly, research shows this to be true.

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Suzy's Corner: Why Welcamp

January 2013

It’s official:  the first Welcamp, Fitness Where You Live is open in Pleasant Seasons Assisted Living in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Welcamp is the campus model of Welcyon. The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new club in mid-December.


It won't be long before Welcamp, Fitness Where You Live begins to change lives. Developing a senior campus model has always been part of the Welcyon plan. Many of our team members have worked in long-term care and have seen residents become weaker and lose their independence. We knew that we could make a difference by helping them get stronger.

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Inspiration: Member Success Stories

October 2012

Judy Andersen

It wasn't magic—but hard work that's behind Judy's disappearing act. The breast cancer survivor, 69, has lost 30 pounds since she joined Welcyon last April. Her cholesterol numbers and triglycerides are also down. "I felt good almost right away. I used to be dead tired at the end of the day, but now I feel energized," says Judy. Her next goal is to continue strengthening her legs for an upcoming knee replacement surgery in December. "The fitness coaches have been very good about guiding me. I've consulted with these guys about pulling back on weight and what machines to emphasize." The Edina regular is already planning her return after rehabilitation. According to Judy, "I'm not stopping...I'll be back!"

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